Basic Information Of Sandpaper

According to different abrasive substances, there are Emery sandpaper, artificial emery, glass sandpaper and many other. Dry abrasive sandpaper (wood sandpaper) is used to polish the surface of wood and bamboo. Water-resistant sandpaper (water sandpaper) is used to polish the surface of a metal or non-metallic workpiece in water or oil.Here will introduce the basic information of several kinds of sandpaper


Dry Scrub Sandpaper:

Dry grinding sandpaper with synthetic resin as binder bonding silicon carbide abrasive on top of latex, and coated with anti-static coating made of high-grade products, with anti-clogging, anti-static, good softness, high wear resistance advantages. A variety of fineness options are available for grinding metal surfaces, putty and coatings. Dry abrasive sandpaper generally choose special Kraft paper and Latex, the use of natural and synthetic resins as binders, through the advanced high electrostatic sand planting process, the product grinding efficiency is high, not easy to sticky chips and other characteristics, suitable for dry grinding. Widely used in furniture, decoration and other industries, especially rough grinding.


Grinding Sandpaper:

Texture is relatively fine, water-grinding sandpaper is suitable for polishing some of the finer texture of things, and suitable for post-processing; water-grinding sandpaper its sand particles between the gap is small, grinding out of the pieces is also smaller, and the use of pieces will flow out with the water, so to use with water, if the water sandpaper dry grinding words will stay in the gap Make the surface of sandpaper light so as not to achieve its original effect, and dry sandpaper is not so troublesome, its sand between the gap between the large grinding out of the pieces is also larger it in the grinding process due to the large gap pieces will fall off, so it does not need to use with water.


Sponge Sandpaper:

Suitable for grinding smooth parts, all kinds of materials can be. Sponge Sandpaper sanding process has the characteristics of high production efficiency, good surface quality and low production cost, so it has been widely used in furniture production, and the final surface quality of furniture products is closely related to the sanding process. Sponge Sandpaper is the main tool of sand grinding process.

Post time: Mar-23-2022