Sanding Disc Holes Gold Sanding paper for Polishing Car and Metal -A720T

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Item: Sanding paper disc Brand name.XYS
Model No.: A720T Grit range:P60-p800
Type:Round disc or Roll Size: 5” 6” (diameter)
Backing: hook and loop/PSA Holes:0H,6H,7H,9H,15H,17H
Usage: polishing metal and wood color:yellow
Other name: Materical: Aluminum Oxide hs code: 6805200000
Application: Automotive Marine Aerospace Wood Metal

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Item  Sanding paper disc                    
Brand name  XYS
Model No.  A720T                        
Grit range P60-p800
Type Round disc or Roll                    
Size  5” 6” (diameter)
Backing  hook and loop/PSA                
Holes  0H,6H,7H,9H,15H,17H
Usage  polishing metal and wood            
color yellow
Materical  Aluminum Oxide      
hs code  6805200000
Application Automotive  Marine   Aerospace  Wood  Metal

Grit Chart:


The Hook and loop  Disc is based on the large sandpaper back flocking, and then through the stamping machine with various types of stamping out.

General product specifications are: Round/Rectangle/Triangle shape, also can be made with holes shape.

Hook and loop  disc compared with adhesive sand disc: easier replacement;grinding efficiency are better; can be soaked in water grinding, a greater degree of improvement of abrasion resistance.

Gold is a durable product very well suited for sanding at high speeds. Gold is an all-round sanding material that can be used for many purposes. In order to achieve an optimal sanding result, the semi-open grit binding and special stearate coating are designed to prevent clogging and pill forming.

Suited for: Automotive Refinishing Wood Processing Metal Processing Marine Industry Vehicles Manufacturing

Can be used on:
Metal such as aluminum, carbon steel;wood such as softwood or hardwood... A720T sanding disc can work with sander for some finishing work, such as prep/repair ,orbital sanding, prepping metal prior to paint.

A720T adapts high quality aluminum oxide mineral, which is durable, as well as ensure fast cuts.
C grade paper backing, which is well-known as an strong paper, giving extra durability of aggressive sanding than other paper backing.
Coating is open coat construction,as there are spaces between abrasive grains,avoiding dust obstructing, which could extend the abrasive life greatly.
A720T sanding disc are very easy to use and attach to sanders, sanding block,etc. 

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