Wet and Dry Abrasive Polishing Sandpaper Sanding Sheets

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9''*11'' Wet and Dry Abrasive Polishing Sandpaper Sanding Sheets

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9''*11'' Wet and Dry Abrasive Polishing Sandpaper Sanding Sheets


Size 9” x 11”/ 230mm*280mm
Grit Range P80-P800
Paper Backing Latex Paper
Color White/ Blue
Abrasive Grain Aluminum oxide
Shape Sheet paper
Applications: Wood  PaintMetal surfacesSteelStainless Steel

Wooden Floors

Plastic materials



Characteristics: High quality imported latex paper  Excellent Flexibility, good folding and bursting resistance.Coating surface is special treatment- anti-clog,ensuring higher removal performance.High-Strength resin,offering stronger combination of grains and base paper.Longer use time

Can be used on:
Metal such as aluminum, carbon steel; especially for wood such as softwood or hardwood... B322 sanding sheet can work with sander for some finishing work, such as prep/repair ,orbital sanding, prepping metal prior to paint.

B322 white sanding paper adapts high quality aluminum oxide mineral, which is durable, as well as ensure fast cuts.
C grade paper backing, which is well-known as an strong paper, giving extra durability of aggressive sanding than other paper backing.
Coating is semi-open coat construction,as there are spaces between abrasive grains,avoiding dust obstructing, which could extend the abrasive life greatly.
B322 sanding sheet are very easy to use and attach to sanders, sanding block,etc.


1.white sanding paper are available for metals that is not easily to grind. Say,  grind stainless steel, hard aluminum alloy, white sanding paper is better choice. Because of price reason, some customers choose alumina for metal that is easily to grind, say iron,aluminum alloy.

2.white sanding paper, suitable for narrow abrasive belt to process steel. It is a good choice for stainless steel hairlines, the hairlines are clear and good consistency.

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